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Thoughts for Spiritual Growth and Encouragement



“Anyone who follows me shall not walk in darkness,” says the Lord.


These are the words of Christ, and by them we are reminded that we must imitate His life and his ways if we are to be truly enlightened and set free from the darkness of our own hearts. Let it be the most important thing we do, to reflect upon the life of Jesus Christ.


Christ’s teaching surpasses all teaching of all the saints, and the person who has His Spirit will find hidden nourishment in His words. Yet many people, even after hearing scripture read so often, lack a deep longing for it, for they do not have the Spirit of Christ. Anyone, therefore, who wishes to fully understand Christ’s words and savor them fully, should strive to become like Him in every way. 


                                                                                                                                                                 - Excerpt from Imitation of Christ, Chapter 1




                What can you adapt or change, in order to follow Jesus more closely?        

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